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The Brandstorm™

Step 01


To know where you want to take your brand, you have to know where it's at.

After you've gone through the free email course training to assess whether or not I'm your guy to help you build & grow your brand, schedule a one-on-one session with me.

We'll conduct a 1-2 hour strategy session over the phone, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

I'll then send you a $1987 USD invoice via PayPal to confirm your session.

Your investment from our session will be applied to any of the plans in The Executor™ if you wish to have me implement.

Step 02


During our interview session I will ask you highly specific questions about your business's history, services, audience, competitors, & how it all relates to your brand's perspective as a game changer set to significantly disrupt your market.

Broad-stroke topics will include:

  • Core Story - When did you get started?
  • Greater Purpose - Why are you doing this (besides money)?
  • Target Market - Who are you doing it for?
  • Sales Process - Define your price packaging.
  • Automation - Scale routine tasks to concentrate on the highest-level objectives.

Step 03


The Brandstorm™ process will accumulate into having me help you put your unique value proposition (UVP) into tangible assets & actions that compel your target audience to interact with and buy your brand. You will get a recorded copy of the interview, along with a detailed pdf brief that documents the roadmap business journey of your brand positioning, page copy content & marketing outreach objectives to move forward.

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The Executor™

What Now?

After the Brandstorm™ session, you’ve a game plan, your blueprint. Now that we’ve uncovered what makes you, YOU, it’s time to take off & disrupt your market. Boldly & confidently introduce yourself to your audience. Become someone worth getting to know & remembered.

Who is This For?

Solopreneurs & small teams that have service-based businesses that need boss branding now & can’t wait 5-8 months before they can start engaging with & selling to their tribe.

With my own small team, I’ll help you with both technical & creative solutions to transform your idea into reality that starts selling right out the gate.


Depending on your plan, your project deliverable may include a combination of a branding style guide, logo, business cards, letterheads, social media profile integrations, a modern website that works beautifully on virtually any device, and copy content that will convert your site visitors into raving, paying clients.


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Defense + Offense

Your brand has launched. You’re making connections.

Now it’s time to hone both your defense and offense. Technology changes faster than high school relationships. Learn the value of securing & maintaining your website at peak performance.

While we monitor your professional online presence,
we also spearhead your marketing efforts. It’s great that you’re networking in your field, we can do more than word-of-mouth leads. I’ll show you how you can continue to convert cold traffic into hot client leads that are eager to work with you.

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What Others Have Said About Me

  • Having collaborated with Saïd was an experience any professional would feel at ease knowing he will go out of his way to make sure your team has all the necessary guidance to move forward. I met him in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when my team traveled from Paraguay to connect with thought leaders & innovators in various industries, including the technology sector. He and his team were indispensable to our networking experience to make sure we connected with prospective partners.
    Roberto Urbieta | President, Meca – Innovación & Emprendimientos, Paraguay
  • I have known Saïd since 2011. Saïd was always a helpful point of contact whenever any member of my team needed website updates to manage our brand. His guidance helped us tremendously to increase our online visibility & spread our message via the ever evolving landscape of social media channels. I know Saïd is very passionate, sincere, and professional.
    Michael Lee | CEO & Founder, CreBiz Factory, South Korea
  • I collaborated with Saïd during a week-long international congress event in Shanghai back in 2011 and we were each other's point of contact between China's & America's co-hosts to facilitate the technical team's tasks during keynote speaker presentations. His own multi-media technical expertise allowed us to seamlessly enhance the event's global branding image. He was a pleasant professional to work with.
    Sylvie Liang | Regional Marketing & Communications Consultant, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, China
  • I have been head of several organizations for over ten years and thus have always been on a tight schedule. In the three years that I worked with Saïd, who in addition to responding to several colleagues in 140+ countries, including our organization based here in Greece, managed to provide guided assistance to many of our inquiries…from co-branded logo design assets, screencast video tutorials, website updates, to advice on social media best practices. It is without hesitation that I say he is a talented professional that will be sure to over-deliver on his new venture.
    Andreas, Stefanidis | Head,, Greece
  • I would like to express my gratitude for the collaboration we had at GEW and GEC. (Saïd's) extraordinary creativity helped us, as National host, to efficiently use the web portal and all templates (he) provided for our GEW national campaigns. I am confident that (his) contribution in the new business environment will have positive effect on the team work and new creative solutions.
    Katarina Jagic | President, Croatian Small Business Union, Croatia
  • I first met Saïd at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool. His exceptional talents were tested at this event attended by over 2,000 delegates from around the world. We collaborated again at the GEC in Rio last year. He is a one-stop enabler - from design to delivery often at near impossible deadlines. His skills cover graphic design, photography, and a myriad of IT functions. This breath of expertise is rare - bringing together creative flair and tech know how. Saïd is a consummate professional and great team player. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.
    Marc Ortmans | CEO & Founder, Ideaspace Global, United Kingdom