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My job is to connect your story with the people that need to hear it. In an ever-growing digital landscape, strategies that connect the human experience with technology are more important than ever.



Market Research
Brand Audit
User Surveys
Platform & Positioning
Beta Testers
Goals & Objectives


Color Swatches
Style Guides
Identity Systems


Mobile Apps
Software (SaaS)
Marketing Campaigns

Because I can only take on a few select clients per month to truly deliver a successful project launch, we need to be able to get along and understand both of our expectations & responsibilities before we sign any dotted lines.

The Mutual Expectations section covers the general expectations & responsibilities of involved parties to ensure the project as a whole is completed within budget and on time.

The Branding Process is much more specific to the identity of your business to ensure the creative direction of accompanying assets such as collateral, website, user interfaces, photography, and any other assets as needed under contract terms create a seamless user experience.

Mutual Expectations


I know you’re a busy business person and time means money. However, in order for us to do this right the first time around, I will need your undivided attention. We’re going to be making pivotal decisions in order to launch & grow your company. You will need to decide what your best availability will be and to honor that schedule. I will also need you to respond in a timely manner. If there are extensive lapses in radio silence, your project will, unfortunately, be dropped and your deposit won’t be returned. This isn’t ideal for either of us but set as a cautionary measure to keep each other accountable.


How will we define success? We start with the end in mind. If your only motivator is to make money, we won’t get far. What is something bigger than you and me? Who and why are you doing this for? My services aren’t get-rich-quick schemes.

It’s actually at the core of my Brandstorm™ offer. If you need help road-mapping goal strategy, I will work with you to help you discover your bigger purpose before we tackle execution.


If you’re like anything I used to be, you may still believe that if it must be done right, you have to do it yourself. I totally understand that sentiment. However, I’m no longer in the business of one-off project tasks, you can find that on 99 Designs or Upwork. I’m much more interested in setting solid long-term goals. That’s why I need you to either already have a team in place or be willing to delegate tasks to an assistant. This can even be a virtual one.

My main objective is for you and me to work together on high-impact strategy and decisions. We can’t use up our time with low value administrative or other repetitive tasks. I need your full attention.


You’re working on building a six-figure business and beyond, I get it. And I will definitely be able to help you get there. It’s why I know you understand that there will be a significant investment on your part to reach that point. I will help you cut the fat on unnecessary expenses and allocate them where they provide better ROI. But if pricing is your selling point, we won’t have meaningful and productive progress. Yes, I’m relatively expensive, but it’s because I know I can help you recoup that investment to grow a formidable business.

Branding Process

The Brandstorm™

To know where you want to take your brand, you have to know where it’s at. We’ll conduct a 1-2 hour strategy session over the phone, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

During our interview session I will ask you highly specific questions about your business’s history, services, audience, competitors, & how it all relates to your brand’s perspective as a game changer set to significantly disrupt your market.

Content Creation

The Brandstorm™ process will accumulate into having me help you put your unique value proposition (UVP) into tangible assets & actions that compel your target audience to interact with and buy your brand. You will get a recorded copy of the interview, along with a detailed pdf brief that documents the roadmap business journey of your brand positioning, page copy content & marketing outreach objectives to move forward.

With those gathered insights, I start to design your logo, typography, color swatches, and brand identity style guide.


Your copy, images, video and brand elements are in place.

Now it’s time to apply those style guide systems we set in place so that your brand extends into the digital space. Whether the end result is a static website, landing page, blog, e-commerce, mobile app or software interface, code that matters is what starts connecting technology and people.

The post-launch checklist is to test, debug, and train you on how to use your newly created platform.


You have an online business in place. It’s time to tell the world, right?

Not exactly. Remember that from the beginning we set out to build a tribe of loyal followers that were relevant to your brand story.

Consistency is a key ingredient to growing that fire that motivates and inspires your audience to keep taking action.

Whether it’s paid or organic marketing, we both have our work cut out for ourselves.

“I would like to express my gratitude for the collaboration we had at GEW and GEC. (Saïd’s) extraordinary creativity helped us, as National host, to efficiently use the web portal and all templates (he) provided for our GEW national campaigns. I am confident that (his) contribution in the new business environment will have a positive effect on the teamwork and new creative solutions.”

Katarina Jagic | President, Croatian Small Business Union, Croatia

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You now have a better idea of how my design process has been developed to ensure that your project goals and objectives are met with transparency, dedication, and a mutual understanding of how I wish for you and me to be long-term business partners.

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