The Immigrant Hustle


Immibrand is an apparel & accessories online store driven by a socially progressive political agenda. The project objective was to create a brand that addresses the positive influences immigration has had (& continues to have) in the United States. Target audience demographics were immigrant millennials, particularly Latinos living in the United States.


How can a brand launch in a seemingly saturated market that addresses serious progressive political concerns without losing its relaxed lifestyle attitude by giving in to the cynicism of identity politics?

There was a certain play on words that grew from a simple formula.
brand + immigrant = immibrand

The form and essence of the brand were exactly that: identity. How much could the aesthetic be reduced to the essential without being lost to meaningless form? From ambiguity, a mark of recognizable voice took shape.

However passionate the project in social entrepreneurship it may be, it’s still a business. And a high-quality apparel line was also produced that reflected popular culture, center left progressive commentary and a casual voice that is intelligently unapologetic.

Welcome to the brand process of celebrating the journey towards the American Dream.

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Dark Pastel Red


Registration Black


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