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You Don’t Suck, Your Website Does

You have 3 seconds to convince your website visitors to stay and book you for more gigs. What are you doing with that time? Are you telling them how great you are? Nobody cares. Poor page performance is costing you valuable potential client leads to the competition...

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How to Quote Winning Proposals

To learn how to quote winning proposals that convert, you won’t be able to cut corners. Famously, Picasso once did a woman’s portrait in five minutes and then charged over a million for it. “But it only took you five minutes!” protested the woman. “No madam, it took...

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5 Essentials for New Business Owners

You’ve probably recently quit your cozy 9-5 steady paycheck job. You may be excited and thrilled one moment, while crying internally and freaking out the next. Let’s look at the positives: no more micro-managing bosses, annoying chatty co-workers, and endless meetings...

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Principles of Design, a Crash Course in Gestalt

I was fortunate enough to have been the sole recipient of the 2006 Full Tuition Scholarship from the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Someone had invested +$95,000 into my art + design education when even I didn’t know what I was doing, really. To share the wealth,...

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How An Hourly Rate is Bad for Consultants

One of my biggest lessons during college happened outside of college. I need to make money and make it faster. And it's this: how an hourly rate is bad for consultants. I remember my friends from college and I that weren’t trust fund babies had a panic attack when we...

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Create Premium Digital Products That Sell

One of the top reasons wantrepreneurs cannot create premium digital products that sell is because they waste time, effort, and money on creating solutions to problems nobody has or not enough to warrant sustainable demand. Trust me, I’ve been there; and now, I can...

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