You Have the Ideas. They Have the Tools.

Whether or not we end up working together, I know for a fact that you will need from the following list of resources to launch your products and/or services online.

Hosting, domain, email, contracts, dropshipping, lead magnets, template designs…

You don’t have to go with all of them, but go ahead and order your starter pack a la carte.

Quick note: some of these suggestions sometimes have affiliate codes, which means that if you end up buying any of their service(s), you get a sweet deal and I get a referral fee for bringing them your business. It’s a symbiotic relationship where I curate great services, they offer chill deals for you, and I get to fill my beer tip jar.

For the moment, I’ve intentionally kept the list short & sweet to not overwhelm you with analysis paralysis so you can get to market, faster.

Domain + Hosting + Email + SSL

You have no choice in this. Namecheap is exactly that when you’re just starting out. It gives you an extremely affordable price point to launch your online presence. Their interface & c-panel layout make it easy to navigate to what you’re looking for in a few clicks. And their support has improved A LOT over the years.

Newsletter +  Marketing Automation

MailChimp is one of my favorite tech firms without the stuffy techy bro feel.

Create and categorize your target audience goals based on your campaign objectives:

  • welcome emails
  • drip automation
  • optional code-free customizations
  • free for up to 2,000 subscribers


Print Collateral

I haven’t ordered from these guys in a while, but nothing says premium service like one of these bad boys at your next networking event. They’re on the pricier side, but it’s the firm first handshake of your business image to prospective clients.

Design Market

Envato is an amazing company from Down Under offering a vast range of quality templates that cover any creative deliverable you can think of:

  • CMS templates (like WordPress)
  • posters, infographics, bizz cards
  • video + sound clips
  • stock photography
  • logos + icons

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