UX Services

Startup life is a long, potentially scary, but exciting journey.

I’m not here to tell you what your business needs, but am available to help you at whatever phase you’re at. Whether it’s digging out that next big idea to tearing down your current digital product and laying out design patterns that align with your business goals, I’m here for you.

Check out my services below and see where we best fit to get started.

01 Let’s talk.

Strategy Call - $295

You feel that you have a great idea in the works, but a little unsure of how to move forward with it. Maybe you already have a prototype or an initial beta that could use a teardown.

Whether you want to validate an idea or get ready to pitch to potential clients before actually building it, a strategy call will help you focus without risking the big bucks and time on building something, nobody wants.

02 Generate buzz.

Landing Page in 3 Days - $995

I will write, design, and code an amazing landing page to help you grow your business.

03 Regroup, re-assess.

UX Audit - $1987

Your development team keeps programming solutions to problems they still don’t understand because they’re too close to it. You are NOT the user and you keep guessing what’s wrong.

To begin with, you need an expert with a fresh set of eyes. Someone that understands your business and is able to give you actionable feedback to pass on to your developers to implement and increase user engagement.

Your product needs to undergo a professional UX Audit.

04 Let’s scale, baby!

Design Sprint - starting at $2995

The Design Sprint is a fast-paced & intensive process to design new product features, improve existing ones, or solve critical business challenges, faster.

With a structured process, I’ll help you reach clearly-defined goals & deliverables for your sprint epics.

It helps us decide if a product or service feature is worth building, or not.

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