Start with a Brandstorm

Unapologetic boss branding because nobody cares about you (only about what you can do for them).

Here’s How it Works

Step 01: The Brandstorm

To know where you want to take your brand, you have to know where it’s at. We’ll conduct a 1-2 hour strategy session over the phone, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

During our interview session I will ask you highly specific questions about your business’s history, services, audience, competitors, & how it all relates to your brand’s perspective as a game changer set to significantly disrupt your market.

The Brandstorm process will accumulate into having me help you put your unique value proposition (UVP) into tangible assets & actions that compel your target audience to interact with and buy your brand. You will get a recorded copy of the interview, along with a detailed pdf brief that documents the roadmap business journey of your brand positioning, page copy content & marketing outreach objectives to move forward.

The cost of this session is a flat fee of $1750 (USD).

Here’s where it gets spicy. If you love what we uncovered together and want to move forward with me to implement it, you can apply that fee towards any Boss Brand package that best fits your budget.

If you already have another designer/developer in mind you’d rather work to implement your game plan, you’re more than welcome to go your way. 🙂

However, I’m so damn confident in this offer because if I was there to help you uncover your services super power, I’ll be there to boost and watch you fly!

Step 02: The Boss Brand

Get the boss branding your business needs as of right now. We’re going to go full-speed: framing, logo, identity, print collateral, website, social media, & automation.

Does it sound exciting? Hold on, Usain Bolt. Let’s first catch our breath.

Who is This NOT For

I hope the idea of working with me gets you excited. However, I only work with a few clients at a time. I have to be extremely selective because this is a results-driven service and I need to give these projects my complete attention to deliver quality and speed.

If you qualify for the opportunity for us to work together, we need to be honest and forward of what we can expect to get the most from this relationship.

To do this, it would help most if you:

  1. Accept that I’ll be honest and open in my communication with you;
  2. You’re not concerned with micro-managing the project;
  3. You’ll allow me to make design decisions geared towards your business goals and site visitor expectations.

If you let me be the expert of what I know that my team and I can do and you never have to worry about web design decisions again, we’ll be just fine. I’ll be your project manager.

Go ahead and check out the current pricing