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The wordmark. Do you realize how long I hesitated to add the urban street flair to my “professional” branding image? I put it in quotes because one of my biggest professional struggles has been authenticity. There’s always been a huge debate in the art world about low vs high art. Dead artists & a select few live ones will be welcomed to the halls of high ceilings, hors d’oeuvres and grand openings. Low art done with fat tips, in the dark, and in a hurry are the class of the proletariat and average person.

I don’t mean to put either down, even though it may appear at first glance. However, low art has the charm of accessibility, a much more approachable medium with less judgmental value, and thus, more authentic.

How do you want your brand to be perceived? Yes, we talk about the target audience and ideal clients, but the bigger question: do you say you’re authentic, or does your brand actually behave authentically? Do you show or tell?

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It’s a shirt. It fits. It’s dope.

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