The UX Audit

The Actionable Screen-by-Screen Teardown of your SaaS Web App

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The Short Pitch
  1. Schedule your UX Audit below for $1987 (you will only be charged if your product meets the criteria after our call);
  2. Get a 30-day, money-back guarantee after final deliverable if you get absolutely ZERO traction in your web app by implementing my findings & recommendations (where applicable); and,
  3. If you’re interested in working further with me after your audit, we’ll apply that deposit towards the new estimate on your customized project.
Extended Details

The Red Flags

There comes a time when founders, product managers, and developers ask themselves:

  • Why are conversions so low?
  • Why is the churn rate so high?
  • When will our free users upgrade to paid accounts?
  • Why is our new feature not being used?
  • How can we get users to complete an action (forms, checkout, etc…)?

The Problem

On top of this, your development team keeps programming solutions to problems they still don’t understand. And they don’t understand it because they’re too close to the problem. You are NOT the user and you keep guessing what’s wrong.

The Solution

To begin with, you need a fresh set of eyes. But not just anyone. You need an expert that understands your business and is able to give you actionable feedback to pass on to your developers to implement and increase user engagement.
To do this, your product needs to undergo a professional User Experience Audit.

What I’ll Do

This “Done for You” package won’t be just another bloated report that adds noise to your agenda, but an easy-to-read actionable report that will provide:

  • Better Understanding of your Business
  • Screen-by-Screen Analysis
  • Identify & Correct UX Design Pattern Flaws
  • Quick UI/UX Wins
  • Important VS Urgent Prioritization Checklist
  • Clear Wireframes
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Split A/B Test Recommendations
  • Reinforce Product Strategy with Customer Tasks
  • Web Standards Compliant Style Guide (visual style, color, typography)

What I Won’t Do

Web applications vary in complexity, but I’ll identify and review up to 7 key screens that are the most important for your users.

There won’t be any actual design work, but we can talk about that later; the deliverable will be a prioritized and actionable checklist PDF (15 to 25 pages) to hand off to your developers for implementation. Don’t let the pages scare you, easy-to-read text with plenty of screenshots and wireframes to better convey flaws and recommendations will be most of it.

Because of the laser focus, I can only work with web apps and not traditional websites, native apps, or electronic booklets.

Your Responsibilities

When we move forward after our initial call, we’ll set up a date to share a screen via Skype, Google Hangouts, or Uberconference for you to walk me through the application “as is”. Please be ready to provide user credentials for a trial or staging account.

How Long Will it Take?

If all the access credentials, tasks, and milestones are provided in full ahead of the scheduled time, my turnaround is in three days or fewer, depending on the project’s complexity.

Who is this for?

  • The UX Audit is best for you if:
    you’re an established SaaS business;
  • you need to validate an additional product feature before you invest in more costly programming;
  • you have a solid team of developers to take the report recommendations and run with it;
  • you’ve strayed from your product vision because you’ve stared and worked on it for too long;
  • you’ve reached a plateau in terms of revenue and know your business can do so much better;
  • you’re willing to hear objective UI/UX truth about your web app instead of remaining blissfully ignorant;
  • you’re not a designer but can recognize high-quality design and demand top-notch.

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