You have 3 seconds to convince your website visitors to stay and book you for more gigs. What are you doing with that time? Are you telling them how great you are? Nobody cares.

Poor page performance is costing you valuable potential client leads to the competition because nobody likes to wait in line and not be able to find the information that they want and they simply click on the next tab. How much exactly? Say around a 7% conversion drop every second after 4 seconds.

What does this performance conversion drop mean?

  1. 40% of your initial online traffic will click on your competition
  2. High bounce rates (site visitors not staying on your site) are punished by Google rankings and you get buried in search results
  3. It’s no secret that mobile device traffic has seen a steep incline in the past five years and it’s not slowing down. And over 70% of mobile users browsing your pages that are on-the-go, say that they expect faster performance ( |

It doesn’t matter if you’re on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. What matters is that your website immediately gives your site visitors the information that they want so they can book you for your next shoot. But none of this will matter if you sign up for the checklist and then don’t do shit about it. Your call. So quit stalling and download the checklist now so that you can start:

  1. Getting client leads that will immediately see you as the authority of your industry
  2. Offering clarity in the value of your services and why they want to pay a premium to hire you
  3. Presenting a website you can be proud of and let your competition fight for bottom-of-the-barrel clients on Upwork and Craig’s List.

Let me level with you… I know that I’m only supposed to give you this easy-to-implement website checklist that will teach you what to do so qualified client leads will ACTUALLY want to read what you have to say. It will guide them towards your desired call-to-action and get more gigs. BUT I really want you to stick around for exclusive newsletter content I don’t share anywhere else on my site. It’s only available for my NEO Tribe. How does freemium sound when I’ll send you actionable content to implement into your overall business strategy directly to your inbox?

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming Strategy
  • Developing a Winning Logo
  • Prepare Your Website for Appropriate Growth Stages
  • Growing Your Online Tribe
  • Crafting a Winning Strategy
  • Setup a Referral Machine with Email Templates that Work
  • Why Free Consultations are Hurting Your Brand
  • Anti-followup Like a Boss
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